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Friday, June 25, 2010

+ like a child +


when i say i love you and u accept me..

there's nothing more i wish for..

i say that in confidence..

but i get ashamed in my growing desire..

again,all day i'm nervous thinking of you..

i'm so jealous..i'm so scared..i don't trust you smiling at my side like this..

i like you so much..

it's too much to handle..

so,i'm afraid if i close my eyes,it'll all disappear..

i can't fall asleep....

i want to give..i want to receive..i want to share everything that other couples can share...

but i'm impatient..

i'm close - minded..

so,i'm afraid it'll fall apart for no reason..

i'm insecure..

for making me cry..for making my heart throb like this once again in my life..for making me believe..for giving me strength..

if i close my eyes,the 1st word that come are "thank you so much"...

for coming to me..for making me dream..having given me the gift called 'us'......

wah,sy ber'puisi' plak ye d cni..~puisi la sgt..=p~ by the way,lirik dy cntik..actually im not da one dat making diz puisi..its a song actually entitle like a child..by kim dong ryuL..sntimental + romantik jek lagu dy..i like it~~ !

_ E N D _


  1. suke3!! mmg best lirik die, lagu korea ke nii??

  2. yerp2..absolutely!~sy ni agk mlayan korea2 neh~~shuKe2!~~hee..